Administration in Kapurthala

Kapurthala is a place which has excellent administrative structure in place. The seamless and planned administration provides services par excellence to the population of Kapurthala. There are various administrative wings and department that provide a variety of service ranging from law and order, growth and welfare of the citizens. Bodies such as the Municipal Council, District Development & Panchayat Office and Welfare Department ensure that the administrative process and systems are in place that can give superior experience to the citizens of Kapurthala.

Administration Structure in Kapurthala

Kapurthala has been divided into various sub divisions, tehsils, blocks etc for streamlining the administration. Kapurthala has 4 Sub-Divisions, 4 Tehsils, 1 Sub Tehsil, 15 Blocks and 691 villages. In addition to this, there are 535 Panchayatsthat help in the administrative efforts of the villages and connect the administrative efforts from higher up the system. There are 6 Urban Towns and 4 Vidhan Sabha Constituencies. Kapurthala has no Lok Sabha Constituency.

Kapurthala Administration

Municipal Council in Kapurthala

Kapurthala has a Municipal Council that caters to the needs of the citizens in relation to critical and necessary services such as sanitation, water supply, electricity, roads, drainage and many other such facilities. The Municipal Council is an efficient and transparent body that provides worthy services to the population of Kapurthala.

Services Provided by Municipal Council of Kapurthala

Municipal Council of Kapurthala

The Municipal Council provides the flowing services to the citizens:
  • To provide and look after sanitation provisions in the city
  • Provide for the street lights in the city
  • Provide and maintain water supply and sewerage system in the city
  • Facilities of roads and pavements in the city
  • To collect the taxes and charges as applicable for the services provided by the Municipal Council
The citizens are required to visit the Municipal Council office and avail facilities such as water tanker for Rs 500/-, sanction of building plans and many other services.

Contact Details
Executive Officer, Municipal Council, Kapurthala
Postal Address of the Office:
Municipal Council, Shalimar Bagh,

Contact Numbers
Office -01822-232286
Fax -01822-232516

District Development & Panchayat Office in Kapurthala

The administrative capabilities of Kapurthala administration works very well and reached down to the level of the villages. The District Development & Panchayat Office is a body that seeks to provide facilities to the villages and help the Panchayats in the smooth functioning of their duties.

Duties of the District Development & Panchayat Office in Kapurthala

The District Development & Panchayat Office discharges some very important functions on behalf of the Government and acts as a watch dog of the Panchayats. Some of the functions of the department can be defined as under:
  • To lease Panchayat Lands
  • To monitor and supervise Panchayats
  • The disbursement of Grants received by government falls under the discretionary quota of the office.

Services by District Development & Panchayat Office in Kapurthala

The District Development & Panchayat Office in Kapurthala provides an opportunity of redressal of grievances of the villagers, listens to the complaints of the villagers and also resolves the issues of the Panchayats. There is no eligibility condition and a simple application in writing is sufficient to avail the services.

Contact Details

Address- District Development & Panchayat Officer,
Court Complex,
D.C. Office,

Phone Numbers

Office- 01822-232923
Residence- 9915519724
Email id- [email protected]

Improvement Trust in Kapurthala

Another important wing that ramps up the administrative structure of Kapurthala is the Improvement Trust. This trust is dedicated to boost and provide residential and commercial accommodation in the city within the Municipal limits. The provision of amenities such as water supply, sewerage, footpaths etc is also looked after by the Improvement Trust

Contact Details of Improvement Trust in Kapurthala

Address-  Improvement Trust, Railway Road,
Pin code 144601

Phone Numbers

Office- 01822-230660
Fax- 01822-505614

Punjab Water Supply & Sewerage Board Sub Division Kapurthala

Water Supply & Sewage

Another important administrative unit in Kapurthala is the Kapurthala Sub Division of Punjab Water Supply and Sewerage Board. It discharges the very important function of water supply and sewerage facilities.

Functions of Punjab Water Supply & Sewerage Board Sub Division Kapurthala

The following are main functions of Punjab Water Supply & Sewerage Board Sub Division Kapurthala.
  • Construction of tube wells, water treatment plants, sullage treatment plants and water supply lines for efficient water supply
  • Sewerage facilities like construction of main sewer, storm water sewer etc

Kapurthala Office Address
Punjab Water Supply & Sewerage
Sub-Division Jalandhar

The well planned city of Kapurthala has an amazing range of administrative institutions that work together to provide satisfactory and quality service to the citizens of Kapurthala. The Municipal Council, Improvement Trust, District Development and Panchayat Office and Water Supply and Sewerage Board help in effective administration in Kapurthala.
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