Health in Kapurthala

Health has always been a top priority for human beings and Kapurthala is no different than any other place when it comes to health services. The health portfolio of Kapurthala is an impressive one as there is a huge and big network of hospitals, community health care centers, private hospitals and government hospitals that dedicate themselves to the wellbeing and benefit of the people in their quest for improving health scenario of the district.

Health in Kapurthala

Structure of Government Health Service in Kapurthala

At the top of the Health Services hierarchy in the District is the Civil Surgeon, Kapurthala. He is the head of the medical department and calls the shots in relation to all the administrative functions and control of medical institutions in the Kapurthala District. The Civil Surgeon is ably assisted and helped by a diverse team of professionals such as District Health Officer, District Family Welfare Officer, Assistant Civil Surgeon, Medical Officers, Nursing Sisters and many other health technicians.

Civil Hospital in Kapurthala

The Civil Hospital in Kapurthala came into existence in 1875. It was originally known as Randhir Hospital. The hospital deals in variety of specialties in the field of medicine, surgery eye diseases, gynecology, pediatrics and dental specialties.

Health Care in Kapurthala

Services in Civil Hospital Kapurthala

There are a wide range of services that are available in Civil Hospital in Kapurthala. The services and facilities speak volumes about the efficiency of the hospital. Services such as OPD, emergency Services, Operation Theater, Ambulance Services, Mortuary, X-Ray, ECG, Ultra Sound Scan etc are available in the Civil Hospital in Kapurthala.

Civil Surgeon Office
Phone Number- 01822-233770
Fax- 01822-233769
Civil Hospital Kapurthala
Phone Number- 01822-233750, 232254(Emergency)

Community & Primary Health Centers in Kapurthala

Kapurthala has a strong network of Community and Primary Heath Centers that offer affordable health services to the general public. These centers are spread across blocks of Kapurthala and offer services like outdoor, emergency services, chemist shop facilities, surgical services, dental service etc. There are a good number of nurses in these centers whose services can be availed.

Bholath Community & Primary Health Center in Kapurthala

TheCommunity & Primary Health Cnter in Bholath offers a range of services such as 24 hrs delivery, dental services, surgical services, emergency services, indoor and outdoor services etc. There is also facility of a 24 hour chemist shop called Viz Medical Hall.

Kala Sanghian Community & Primary Health Center in Kapurthala

Another Community & Primary Health Center is in ala Sanghian. The facilities available here are OPD, Indoor Services, Outdoor Services etc. Apart from this ambulance service is also available here. There is a laboratory, X-Ray Service and ECG Service here. There is one medical shop here as well.
Bassan Medical Hall
Contact Number- 01822-259401, 98152-40181

Panchhat Community Health Center

Another community health center is in Panchhat. Here also facilities such as OPD, indoor facilities, ambulance service, ECG, X-Ray Service etc are available. One of the drawing features of this center is the blood bank facility in this center. Apart from the mentioned facilities there are two medical shops here. The details of medical shops are as below:
Name of Shop- Preet Medical Store        
Contact Number- 9417163644
Name of Shop- Jaswal Medical Store
Contact Number- 9876447302

Tibba Community Health Center

The Tibba Community Health Center is yet another health center in the area. It has indoor services, outdoor services, ambulance service, ECG, emergency services, surgical services, DOTS and a 24 hour chemist shop.

Private Health Centers & Hospitals in Kapurthala

The health services and infrastructure provided by private players in Kapurthala is also an impressive one. There are a number of private hospitals and health centers that cater to the ailing population. Private hospitals, maternity centers, eye hospitals, hospitals for children, orthopedic centers can all be found in Kapurthala. Ahluwalia Hospital, Gupta Maternity Hospital, Arora Heart and General Hospital are just a few hospitals that can be found in Kapurthala.

The health scenario in Kapurthala is a positive one. Both the government sector and the private players are leaving no stone unturned to provide excellent health services to the people of Kapurthala. The mushrooming of various health centers is a positive and encouraging step towards further growth of Health Services in Kapurthala.

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