NGOs in Kapurthala

Punjab has always been a place that has championed a lot of social causes and initiatives. It is a part of life in that part of the country to associate with meaningful social causes. Kapurthala has proudly carried forward that tradition of Punjab, and the innumerable NGO’s and social welfare societies provide credence to the statement. Women welfare and emancipation, children welfare, societies to cope up with natural disasters and many other societies can be found in Kapurthala. These NGOs provide support to the needy and a new lease of life to the destitute.

NGO in Kapurthala

List of NGOs in Kapurthala

The list of NGOs in Kapurthala is as below:

Name of NGO- Lions Club, Kapurthala

Address- Thind Hospital, Circular Road, Kapurthala
Co-ordinator- Sh.R.S.Rana, Chairman
Phone Number- 98140-72722
Service- Marriages of poor girls, Eye/Dental check up camps

Name of NGO-Rotary Club, Kapurthala
Address- 108, Vasant Vihar, Link Road, Kapurthala
Co-ordinator- Sh. B.S.Aulakh,
Phone Number- 001822-230203
Service- Collection of funds and other material during natural disaster

Name of NGO- Lions Club Services, Kapurthala
Address- 12, Sunny Side, The Mall, Kapurthala
Co-ordinator- Sh.D.K.Sharma, President
Phone Number- 01822-233045
Service- Collection of funds and other material during natural disaster

Name of NGO- Lions Club Greater, Kapurthala
Address- c/o 5 New Grain Market, Kapurthala
Co-ordinator- Sh.Kashmir Singh, President
Phone Number- 98145-18814
Service- Eye Operation Camps and Dresses to poor students

Name of NGO- Khatri Sabha, Kapurthala
Address- Jallo khana Road, Near Shalimar Bagh, Kapurthala
Co-ordinator- Sh.S.K.Chopra,
Phone Number- 01822-230705/01822-230705
Service- Marriages of girls, camps for Medical check up after six months, free supply of medicines in time of calamities
Women NGO

Name of NGO- Kalgidhar Nou Jawan Sabha, Kapurthala
Address- Bania Bazar, Kapurthala
Co-ordinator- Sh.Harbans Singh Batra, President
Phone Number- 98557-36709/01822-236323
Service- Material collections at the time of natural disaster/calamities

Name- Indian Medical Association, Kapurthala
Address- Ranjit Rai Children Hospital, Near Markfed, Kapurthala
Co-ordinator- Dr.Ranjit Rai, President
Phone Number- 98159-69786
Service- Medical camps

Name- Jai Jawan Welfare Society, Kapurthala
Address- Near Panj Mandir, Kapurthala
Co-ordinator- Sh.Manu Gautam, President
Phone Number- 98142-32601
Service- Propogate about Drug De-Addiction and Patriotic spirit among the youths

Name- Dr.Ambedkar Mission Society, Kapurthala
Address- Guru Ravidas Gurudwara, Jatpura Abadi, Kapurthala
Co-ordinator- Sh.Gurmukh Singh
Phone Number- 94630-27527
Service- Collection of funds and material and supply of langar during floods

Name- Bhai Desu ji Development Society,
Address- V.P.O. Athouli, Tehsil Phagwara
Co-ordinator- Sh.Jaswinder Singh Panesar, Vice-President
Phone Number- 98159-56616/01824-276192
Service- Development works of village Autholi with the help of NRIs and Govt.

Name- Bajrang Dal, Kapurthala
Address- Backside of Panj Mandir, Kapurthala
Co-ordinator- Sh.Naresh Pandit, Kapurthala
Phone Number-99140-73636/98885-73636/01822-230254
Service- All kind of services

Name- City Cable, Kapurthala
Address- Director, City Cable, Opp. Civil Hospital, Kapurthala
Co-ordinator- Sh.Rashpal Singh
Phone Number- 98157-37417
Service- All kind of services, like funds and material collection

Name- District Co-ordinator,NGOs
Address- Old Sabzi Mandi,
Co-ordinator- Sh.Naveen Kumar
Phone Number- 94173-32249/01822-235573
Service- Blood Donation camps

Name- Arya Samaj, Kapurthala
Address- Near Bus Stand, Arya Samaj Mandir, Kapurthala
Co-ordinator- Sh. Kapur Chand Garg, President
Phone Number- 98148-17000
Service- Collection of funds and material during natural disaster

The ever important cause of serving the society through Non Governmental Organizations is being taken care of quite well by the people in Kapurthala. Issues covering betterment of women to issues of child welfare and development is being done quite commendably here. The expansive list of NGOs is a proud testimony of it.
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