Society in Kapurthala

Society in Kapurthala

The foundation of a strong society is determined by the wider concept of empathy and care for the various institutions that help in building a society. The current bane of drug addiction, poverty, marginalization of women, unemployment and poor condition of children can only be fought with a concerted and united effort by the society.

Punjab has traditionally had a strong social responsibility towards the various sections of the society. Kapurthala too has been an active place that strives for the betterment of the society and the administration tries in its unique ways to fight poverty, unemployment, drug addiction and other issues.

Drug De-Addiction in Kapurthala

Since long, Punjab has been fighting the menace of drugs. Kapurthala is no different from the rest of Punjab when it comes to the problem of drugs. The `Drug De-Addiction programs to bring the youth back on track provide a new lease of life to people who have fallen prey to this menace. The flagship program for Drug De-Addiction in Kapurthala is the Navjeevan Program.

Project Navjeevan in Kapurthala

As the name suggests, it means giving new life to the people who have fallen prey to substance abuse. It works on the philosophy of curative programs and preventive programs. Under the preventive measures, the project aims to provide an environment whereby the prevention of drugs addiction can be achieved by following means:

Awareness Programs- This aims at mobilizing the society to spread the messages of evils of drug addiction and substance abuse. The philosophy is to engage development committees in villages, panchayat leaders and voluntary agencies so that the large part of society can be sensitized against the downside of drug addiction.

Navjeevan Kendra in Kapurthala

Navjeevan Kendra is a center for treatment and cure of patients trying to overcome substance abuse and drug addiction. The Kendra is situated in the Civil Hospital of Kapurthala and falls under the administration of District Red Cross Society and the Health Department. The thirty bedded facility falls under the jurisdiction of Deputy Commissioner of Kapurthala.
Address- Navjeevan Kendra Civil Hospital, Kapurthala

National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Kapurthala

The National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme is a Central Program that seeks to provide employment and livelihood to poor people in the rural areas. It aims at providing a security of at least 100 days of employment with wages on a financial year to people who can do unskilled manual work.
The scheme was implemented in Kapurthala District with effect from April, 2008. It was implemented in the 3rd Phase out of the phases in Punjab when the program was implemented in 2006 in the State. The District was sanctioned an amount of Rs 68.50 Lacs under the scheme for various projects under the Panchayat level such as drainage, water conservation and water harvesting, flood control, cleaning of drains, land development, renovation of traditional water bodies etc.

National Rural Health Mission in Kapurthala

The objective of the national Rural Health Mission is to provide availability of quality health services to the rural crowd who are otherwise not able to have access to good healthcare service in normal conditions. There is variety of goals that the program aims to achieve such as reduction in infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate, promoting lifestyle that is healthy, take measures to control communicable and non-communicable diseases.

The NRHM was initiated in Kapurthala District on 30th May, 2007. A District Planning Team takes care of the entire planning of the program. The implementation of the programs is also the responsibility of District Planning Team.

Other Areas of Social Initiatives in Kapurthala

Apart from the focus on employment, drug de-addiction and health, other initiatives such as women emancipation, coping up with natural disasters, development work of villages with the help of NRIs is also being undertaken by various NGOs in Kapurthala.

Kapurthala is doing an impressive job when it comes to fostering a spirit of responsibility and development in the society. Various government programs and initiatives by NGOs are providing the much needed fillip to Kapurthala in terms of a structured society.
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